Why Soaping With Style?

I created Soaping With Style as a platform to improve my skills and develop into a soap artist. I want to experiment with different techniques and tools to transform a boring bar into sensational soap! I’ll also post helpful soap resources and information for soap enthusiasts. It’s all cold process – all the time.

I love making cold process soap but it didn’t always love me. It’s taken much trial and error to get to a place where I like my soaps. They are functional but aren’t always easy on the eyes. At times I felt like a scientist in love with the monster, despite how hideous it was!

Some of the problems I have encountered in my quest to be better at soaping are:

Too much colorant
Not enough colorant
Lack of color contrast
Failed piping attempts
Poor color choices

Just a few examples of the need to improve.

Just a few examples of the need to improve.

Some soap batches look great while others don’t. Practice makes better and my goal is to have consistent results. As I work to improve and beautify this craft I welcome any tips you may have. Furthermore if there is something you want to see or if you have a soap related question, leave it in the comments.