My first time coloring soap with micas

I have colored soap with natural colorants and oxides, but the colors with those tend to be muted. With micas you can achieve brighter colors. However, not all micas are stable in cold process soap – they can morph or fade. For this reason, in addition to their cost, I have been hesitant to try them.

However, curiosity got the best of me!  After some research, I came across Nurture Soap Supplies. In addition to micas, they also sell great wood molds with silicone liners that I’m going to have to try one day.

I purchased a 7-sample pack of Vibrance Micas ($11.40 with discount). Each sample contains 2 teaspoons of mica – enough to make 2 lbs. of soap each. The micas are easy to work with – simply add it to the soap base and blend until thoroughly mixed. The colors are so vibrant! I just wanted to rub them on my skin and then go out in the sun and sparkle! They really pop in cold process soap:

Orange, yellow, and blue Vibrance Micas from Nurture Soap Supplies.

Orange, yellow, and blue Vibrance Micas from Nurture Soap Supplies.

The sample pack is a good deal if you want to experiment without spending too much. I love the results and I’m hooked! I can’t wait to try the rest of the colors.

Nurture Soap Supplies tests all their micas in cold process soap and features a color guide to show you what they look like after curing. Be sure to check out their discount codes section for savings.