I Love A Challenge: Mentholated Shaving Soap

I’ve never used menthol in my soaps, but based on the online forums many men like their shaving soap to burn, baby burn! Now that I can make shaving soap with no problems, it’s time to test the unfamiliar icy waters of mentholated soaps.

Menthol crystals are made by extracting and freezing mint oils. They are a wonderful ingredient found in products like toothpaste,  cough drops, balms, and chewing gum. Menthol crystals have a variety of health benefits such as analgesic, anesthetic, and anti-irritant qualities. It’s for these reasons, along with the cooling sensation, that men like this in their shaving products.

For the first batch I made, I used a small amount (too much can irritate skin) and enjoyed the cooling sensation as it wafted up from the mixing bowl. Even with a small amount, my husband classified the final soap as ‘strong’. That’s well and good, but I’m all about testing the limits. On the second batch I made, I upped the amount and it hit me hard!  Even though my face was a good distance from the soap it felt like I had put my face really close to some muscle rub and kept it there for a few minutes. It’s not a good time unless eyes are watering, right? I’m pretty sure that once he tries this he’ll probably get a chilly wake up call.

An icy good time awaits. This soap may look harmelss but it's loaded with menthol!

An icy good time awaits. This soap may look harmless but it’s loaded with menthol!