Coconut Milk Soap

I made this soap last week when it was snowing outside. Warm thoughts of an island vacation filled my head while Jamaican dancehall music played from Pandora!

This soap features homemade coconut milk, cocoa butter, and is completely fragrance free. For variety, I used additives in some of the soaps, but it’s certainly appealing on its own without anything extra!

Cold process Coconut Milk Soap.

Cold process Coconut Milk Soap.

Coconut Milk Soap with calendula petals.

Coconut Milk Soap with calendula petals.

You can use coconut milk to replace the water in any soap recipe. Coconut milk has natural sugars in it and will heat up quickly once the lye is added. To prevent scorching the milk, freeze it first. When the lye is added to the frozen milk it will heat up slowly, preventing the temperature from getting too high.

Below is a simple recipe. Make sure you are familiar with soapmaking before attempting to make this. Always run any soap recipe through a soap calculator and never make soap without safety gear on!

Coconut Milk Soap
Makes a little over 1 lb.

Coconut Milk 4.18 oz.
Sodium Hydroxide 1.54 oz.
Coconut Oil 2.75 0z.
Cocoa Butter .55 oz.
Olive Oil 7.70 oz.

This recipe is heavy on the olive oil so it will take longer than 6 weeks to really get firm. The wait will be worth it because this soap will be luxuriously moisturizing!


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