Pumpkin Soap

Have you seen anything today that was pumpkin themed? Most likely you have. The holidays mean that pumpkin flavored and scented things are everywhere! So, do you love or hate pumpkin? I like it as a dessert… and that’s it. However, I may be in the minority here since it’s in everything – and I mean everything: coffee, beauty products, M&Ms, Twinkies, Oreos, Jell-o, alcohol, bread, cereal, chips, ice cream, yogurt, and the list goes ON. So, with pumpkins on the verge of world domination, I thought why not make a pumpkin soap?!

There are two ways you can incorporate pumpkin into your recipe – adding it to the water phase or adding it at trace. In my recipe I added unsweetened, canned pumpkin to the water phase. For me, this works better because it guarantees everything is mixed well. I used light-colored oils in my recipe to help keep the soap white. Making these soaps was a breeze – no acceleration or seizing. Check it out!

Can you tell which one is made with pumpkin? They both are!

Can you tell which one is made with pumpkin? They both are!

Soap 1 (square) was made using the hot process method. I don’t like the way vanilla fragrances darken soap on their own. So, in addition to adding a vanilla fragrance, I added some pumpkin spice to give the soap a rich dark brown color.

Soap 2 (circle) was made using the cold process method. I swirled in pink and purple mica, and scented it with a floral fragrance.

When I initially added the pumpkin I thought it would darken the soaps, but it didn’t! Soap 1 only darkened after I added spice and vanilla fragrance. I’ve used these soaps and noticed increased lather and enhanced creaminess – probably from the pumpkin’s natural sugars.

I’m happy with the results! Pumpkin is stable to work with and adds some benefits to the soap. I wonder what food will make it into my soap next….