About SWS

Ready. Set. Go!

I’ve been making soap for the last few years and it is my passion. My friends and family enjoy my soap and I really love to make it! So, after a year of weighing all the options and considering all the risks involved, my husband and I have decided to work at turning it into a business. It won’t be easy and I’m a little scared, but we’re both going to work smart and hard to make this a success. (more…)


6 Reasons Why I Love to Make Cold Process Soap

When I first decided to make my own soap, the goal was just to make something natural that I could use in place of the mysterious chemically-laden store soaps. I thought I’d make a few batches and make more as needed. Well, after each batch I was improving the recipe, trying different oils, etc. Before long I was hooked and venturing into colorants and exfoliants. It just kept going from there. Coincidentally at the same time I was amassing an impressive stockpile of soap supplies. (more…)

Why Soaping With Style?

I created Soaping With Style as a platform to improve my skills and develop into a soap artist. I want to experiment with different techniques and tools to transform a boring bar into sensational soap! I’ll also post helpful soap resources and information for soap enthusiasts. It’s all cold process – all the time. (more…)