Are you tired of lining soap molds?

When I first started making soap I used shoe boxes and cardboard boxes as molds, but eventually graduated to using wooden soap molds. I love wooden soap molds but I got tired of lining them – measure, fold, cut, tape, repeat! I had reached the end of the “line” with lining soap molds. So recently I invested in two Crafter’s Choice silicone loaf molds from Wholesale Supplies Plus. I have been using these molds for the past few weeks and here’s my overall impression: (more…)


Ikea Milk Frother: Great For Mixing Colors

There were two ways I used to mix colorants: 1) With a spoon and 2) Putting them in a baggie and squishing them with my fingers. Sometimes I would get good results, but most of the time my soap would end up with tiny color specks throughout. There was only one answer to this color conundrum: a mini mixer! (more…)

At last! A Real Soapmaking Scale – MyWeigh KD-7000

It’s finally here! It’s been a long time coming…

A good digital scale is vital to soap making. I’ve been using a kitchen scale and it’s been decent… however, there were lots of reasons for me to purchase a better scale.

One drawback about using my kitchen scale is that it would shut off after only a few seconds. This was a common occurrence when I measured lye. Often times I had to start over – not only was it a time waster but I didn’t like handling lye more than I needed to. Another issue was that the display was small and didn’t light up. Many times I had to get closer to the scale to see the numbers. The last major issue was that it couldn’t handle more than 2 lbs. (more…)