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I Love A Challenge: Mentholated Shaving Soap

I’ve never used menthol in my soaps, but based on the online forums many men like their shaving soap to burn, baby burn! Now that I can make shaving soap with no problems, it’s time to test the unfamiliar icy waters of mentholated soaps. (more…)


Want A Free Shave Soap Sample?

I’ve been busy for the last month cooking up shave soaps. My husband is new to wet shaving so he isn’t very familiar with a wide range of products. He has given me some insight but I need to see what my soaps are capable of. How will they fare against a thick, luscious beard? What about sensitive skin? I just don’t know…but maybe you could help me!

So I’m putting out a call to the wet shavers! I’m offering to send you a free sample of my soap in exchange for your feedback. That’s right – it costs you nothing but your opinion. Still interested? Check out the criteria below: (more…)

I love a challenge: Traditional Shave Soap

I’ve been wanting to craft a traditional shaving soap for some time. I knew this would be a challenge, so I’ve been busy researching and learning everything I can. After spending time on forums, watching soap reviews, and visiting lots of men’s grooming sites I’ve learned that shave soaps are more complex than I ever thought. I know soap, but shave soap is a completely different thing. (more…)