Making Tiger Stripe Soap

Watch Le Tigre soap being made. Time to musk up…mewow!



How To Make Flower Cupcake Soap

Today’s challenge is to make flower cupcake soap. Flower cupcake soap is soap put into cupcake molds and then the flower is piped on top. I have tried piping in the past with poor results (see above). My lack of experience coupled with me not waiting for the soap to thicken enough to hold its piping shape contributed to a sad-looking cupcake. If you are good at piping then you will excel at this, even if you are new to soaping.

Piping will come in handy for future soap designs so I had to try to improve. It’s time to lift the veil of shame I’ve cast over the cupcake world! I have never piped petals before but I watched a tutorial online a few times and have learned from my mistakes. I have a little bit of floral fragrance left over and thought it’d be a great way to use it up for a test batch. Here we go! (more…)

How To Make A Pencil Line In Soap

This week’s challenge: the pencil line!  This soap features the bottom portion colored with a blend of black, blue, white, and green oxides. The pencil line is made of ground coffee and the top layer has Calendula petals blended in.

So what is a pencil line and how do you do it? The pencil line is a horizontal line that runs through the soap. It’s made by sprinkling a colorant such as charcoal, mica, or cocoa powder over a layer of soap and then adding another layer on top. The trick is to not get too heavy-handed or the soap layers won’t adhere to each other and will separate.

It’s a simple way to incorporate a bit of artistry into soap. Pencil lines aren’t always straight – I’ve seen subtle straight lines as well as jagged ones, but they are all beautiful. It’s really amazing to see how creative soapers get! (more…)