Welcome to Soaping With Style!

My name is Alisha and I have been making cold process soap since 2011. I’m a very DIY-kind of person and that is how I got into soap making. I was buying natural soap from the farmers market every month and decided to give it a try. I took advantage of any kind of soap knowledge I could get my hands on (books, sites, videos, etc.) After  much trial and error (LOTS of errors), I got the basics down and haven’t stopped since. It quickly became a beloved hobby!

Now that I can make soap successfully I decided to challenge myself and take them from functional to fabulous! I wish I could say Soaping With Style means I make soap while dressed in vintage Chanel but it doesn’t (though I do like to listen to the finest Hall & Oates selections…). I listen to music all the time and it’s a major part of my soap making, as I draw inspiration and motivation from it.

This site focuses on the challenge of making soap beautiful (see some of the problems I’ve encountered). Here I’ll be experimenting with different techniques and challenging myself in an effort to improve my skills and become a soap artist. This site also features a variety of resources and information that I have found to be useful in making cold process soap. All content is written by me and all the good photos are courtesy of my husband Mark.

If you are new to soaping or timid about trying something new, I encourage you to challenge yourself. Don’t let the fear that your soap will be ugly hold you back from exploring your creative side. Practice makes better.

Because soaping is a never-ending learning process I welcome any tips you may have. If you have soap related questions or want to see a certain kind of soap made, leave it in the comments.


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